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Hi! Thanks for visiting our shop. We aim for quality first with handmade in the USA, organic tea blends & tea-infused luxury soaps by supporting USA based artisan artists.

In addition we carry imaginative tea pots & sets, mugs, gifts & tea infusers to enhance the joys of life and your overall tea experience. Our range of organic teas gives you even more reasons to shop our iconic blends! Sip yourself into a good habit, starting here! We have everything you need in one place!

Please take a moment to read the Tea Overview and Blends with Benefits pages at the top left of our page for detailed information about our tea blends and ingredients. If you have any questions you can't find the answer to on the page, please email and we will respond to you within 1-2 days.

On a personal note, thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Amanda, and I'm a wildlife biologist in Colorado, USA and a mom to a rather rambunctious, sweet, and smart little boy.

Within the last few years I have been studying mindfulness, meditation, and natural remedies for health and the overall well-being of the mind and body. I think it is important that we all take care of ourselves the best we can whether it's a hot cup of tea and a good book or a warm shower with a luxurious organic soap blend lathered up on our skin. I want you to know that you are important and please don't forget to treat yourself that way. Sending much love.