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Heart-n-Soul Tea Infused Organic Handmade Soap

Designer: Orange Theia

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It's like walking through a spray of flowers! A little intense but beautiful - just perfect!

Heart -n- Soul original tea infused organic handmade soap starts with brewing the tea, of course, using distilled water. It is then added to the cold processed soap method that has been perfected. Using original recipes that are only exclusive to the artist, the tea leaves themselves are then added to the soap and later sprinkled on top for a gentle exfoliation.

Made with Saponified Organic oils of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable) along with Orris Root, Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract.

In addition Tea leaves of organic: Chamomile flowers,  Spearmint,  Lavender flowers,  Cinnamon bark,  Passionflower, and  Rose petals.

Large 7 oz. Bar will last approximately 8-10 weeks in the shower!  Not because of it's size, but because this is a true soap. Our formula leaves your skin both soft and squeaky clean. If your "soap" leaves a film in your shower it is doing the same to your skin and is most likely made from a base or melt and pour! Yuk!

There is nothing like a real bar of soap!