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Rose Herbal Infused Lotion

Designer: Violet Alfie

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Rose Hand and Body Lotion, made with organic herbs grown on our farm. Our rich and creamy lotion has been infused with Calendula and Rose Herbs. These wonderful herbs are not only smell great, they soothe your skin all year long. Each lotion comes packaged in an 8 ounce glass jar. Calendula promotes skin repair, herbalists have used it in lotions and salves to help heal bruises, burns and sores. We add it to our lotions and creams to keep your skin healthy and soft.

Rose is just as amazing. It smells fantastic and Rose is often used to lift the spirits. Dried Roses are anti - bacterial and anti - fungal. They help clear up and minimize blemishes. This rich and creamy lotion helps keep skin soft and supple without that greasy feel. Our herbs are grown organically on our farm. They are hand picked with love and dried in our special herb room. We then take the dried herb and solar infuse it with oil. These infused oils are added to our lotions, salves and cleansers.
Our rich and creamy lotion is made with sweet almond oil, meadowfoam oil and rose essential oils. It absorbs easily into the skin with out that greasy feel. Each of our lotions are made in small batches using premium ingredients.
Our lotions come packaged in a glass bottle pump. You can then keep the pump and order the refill bottle, it comes with a metal lid and the pump can easily be put in place. This saves on plastic being put into the landfills. Each pump can be used many times.